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Full Tilt

About us

Full Tilt’s story really beings back to early 1984 when our cousins, Nick and Dan, were brought into this world. Years later, in 2008, a lifelong friendship saw an opportunity to have some fun and brew some beer. A homebrew kit was purchased and, from the very first brew in Nick’s Glen Burnie apartment at the time, a passion was ignited. Week by week, we would get more and more obsessed, buy more and more brew toys, and drink more and more of our ever-increasingly Fully Tilted homebrewed treats with equally thirsty friends.

Once we stepped up to our All-Grain Brutus-10 system (which we appropriately named Ethel) there was no stopping what was to come. We didn’t know it at the time, however, because we had no money and no clear path to going commercial.

In comes, Stephen Demczuk, who was working on building Peabody Heights, a contract brewery where middle-class, broke, and clueless homebrewers like us could get our foot in the door of the beer industry and test our mettle against other brewers already on the shelves. That was it. We were in. Game on. This path, over the subsequent 6 years, would completely change our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine. Not only did we have one hell of a time promoting our beer and meeting new friends and family but we figured out we could actually come up with some great recipes and creative marketing. It was time to do this in our own facility, by our own rules, and with our own team…

After an exhaustive search far and wide, while facing countless hurdles in day-to-day operations along the way, we found ourselves in what is now our new home on York Road in the place we know and love, Baltimore City. Since 2008 we have indeed done some Full Tilt things such as brew our 9% ridiculously sneaky smooth Patterson Pumpkin beer, launch the Hops-the-Cat Adventure Series, find ourselves as far north as Erie, PA for the Beer on the Bay Fest, and a few times as far west as Denver Colorado for the Great American Beer Fest. That all being said, we are just getting started. Brace yourselves. Full Tilt is home and we’re not kidding around anymore.